Effective February 7th, 2020

Near Peer Mentors is a platform that contracts with enrolled college students (“Mentors”) who help guide high school students (“Mentees”) through the college application process.


Near Peer Mentors (“we”, “us”, or “our”) takes the privacy of our users ( “User,” “you,” “your”) very seriously and has created this Privacy Policy in order for a User to better understand how we collect, use, share, and store their personally identifiable information (herein PII). Please read this document carefully and in its entirety.

Please be advised that by visiting the Near Peer Mentors website or by using any of our services including but not limited to the Website, the NPM Platform, or any other Near Peer Mentors affiliated services (herein Services), the User acknowledges that they have read, understand, and accept this Privacy Policy.


Near Peer Mentors collects PII in order to enhance our User experience and provide the best possible service. Near Peer Mentors gathers all PII in a legal and reasonable manner. Unless specified in this Privacy Policy, no third party can collect a User’s PII.

Please be advised that if a User wishes to review or request changes to the PII that we collect, they can simply contact us at and a member of our team will be happy to assist them.


When appropriate, Near Peer Mentors will ask a User to provide us with PII including but not limited to the User’s name, school, year, title, headshot image, a short biography, email, college application materials and results, and payment information.

Please be advised that all information that a User transmits or in any way uploads onto our Website, our Platform or through any of our Services may be collected, analyzed, and stored when deemed appropriate by Near Peer Mentors.


Near Peer Mentors automatically collects PII from our Users that their browser provides us such as: which Website pages they have accessed and when they accessed them, IP address, type of device used, browser type, and general location. Near Peer Mentors may also use third party tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook to gather and evaluate this PII.

Third parties, including Facebook and Google, are able to use cookies, beacons, and other storage technologies to gather a User's PII from the Near Peer Mentors’ website as well as other locations on the internet in order to enhance our capabilities with respect to measurement services and directed advertisements. As a result, we do not honor do not track signals. 

To opt out of third party cookies and DNT signals please go to the following link  and follow the instructions provided:


As stated in the previous section, third parties such as Facebook or Google may use data collected by cookies to better enhance measurement services and targeted advertisements.

Near Peer Mentors does not rent or sell a User’s PII to anyone, and uses this information internally for the following purposes.

Our Users’ PII is used in order to enhance our User experience and provide the best possible service. The manner in which Near Peer Mentors uses this data includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. To be able to identify and deliver our service to an individual User and differentiate them from other Users.
  2. To be able to contact or communicate with a User when deemed appropriate by Near Peer Mentors.
  3. To analyze, improve, and deliver our Services.

Please be advised that a User’s PII may be used even after the termination of their account or discontinuation of any Services to ensure the continued quality of Near Peer Mentors.

6. Multi-sided Platform

Due to the fact that Near Peer Mentors operates on a multi-sided platform model, there will be times when it is necessary for the delivery of our Services to share a User’s PII within the Platform to a certain degree. For example, a Mentee’s or Mentor’s profile information may be made visible to other NPM Platform Users. Near Peer Mentors will only share a User’s PII to other Users of the NPM Platform to the extent that Near Peer Mentors deems necessary to deliver a successful service.

7. Google

Near Peer Mentors has integrated certain Google tools such as Google Sign In, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts within our Platform to improve user experience. Specifically, we use these tools to help Users on the NPM Platform easily sign into the Platform, book/cancel sessions as well as see booked sessions, and conduct sessions.

The only Google User data that is collected, used, and stored on the NPM platform is a User’s OAuth information, a User's Google Calendar and Google Calendar events. OAuth data includes a User’s Google ID, name, profile URL, and email address. This is data that is automatically collected when using Google Sign In. Near Peer Mentors will only use this data for the reasons outlined in this Privacy Policy. Google Calendar event data is used by NPM in an effort to help organize and keep track of a User’s sessions and ensure a quality experience.

As previously mentioned, NPM uses Google Analytics to enhance User experience. How we collect, use, and store this data can be found in the sections above.

8. Stripe/Payment

NPM uses Stripe, a leading payment processor to manage our payment processing needs.

For Mentors with connected express accounts, please be advised that we use your Stripe account data internally for the purpose of being able to pay you. This data is accessed and stored through our Stripe Dashboard, our database within Stripe. This data includes the Mentor’s name, email, the last 4 digits of the bank account where we transfer funds, and a record of the funds we have transferred to that account.

For Mentees using NPM, please be advised that the Stripe data we access through our Stripe Dashboard is to ensure the delivery of our service. This data includes the customer’s name, email, last four digits of the card(s) they used to pay for our service, general location of where a purchase was made, purchase device information, and a record of the amount and time of a purchase. For any questions regarding Stripe’s Privacy policy please go to


Near Peer Mentors may release a User’s PII if we deem it necessary to comply with the law, adhere to our Terms of Use or other agreements, or to protect our company, employees, Users, or other affiliates as authorized by Near Peer Mentors.


In order for Near Peer Mentors to best deliver our service to our Users, a channel to relay important information is necessary. Near Peer Mentors will therefore use a User’s PII such as their email to communicate necessary information, as deemed by Near Peer Mentors, to them.

In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act, when communicating through electronic commercial messages Near Peer Mentors will:

  1. Not use false, misleading, or deceptive header information or subject lines.
  2. Identify that the message is an advertisement.
  3. Provide the recipient with Near Peer Mentors’ physical address.
  4. Provide the recipient with an explanation of how to opt-out of receiving future emails of this nature from Near Peer Mentors.
  5. Honor all opt-out request in a timely manner.

Please be advised that all communications between Near Peer Mentors and a User may be collected, monitored, analyzed, or stored.


The security of Near Peer Mentors’ User’s information is very important to us and we will take reasonable measures to protect a User’s PII. Please be advised that while Near Peer Mentors will take the necessary measures to protect and secure a User’s PII, we can’t guarantee that this information can never be compromised.

In the event of a security breach, Near Peer Mentors will notify our Users in a timely manner.


Near Peer Mentors Reserves the right to modify or change this privacy policy at any time for any reason. Please be advised that Near Peer Mentors will notify our Users by email and/or through our Website if and when a change has been made to this Privacy Policy.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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