Near Peer Mentors partners with high schools, college counselors and organizations centered around higher education to help them guide their students through the college application process. We want to work with school administration, college counselors and organization leaders to complement their services and create a customized guidance plan that will best fit the needs of their students.

Interested in learning more about how you can partner with Near Peer Mentors? Please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you soon!

Why Near Peer Mentors?

Unparalleled Insight

Offer your students unparalleled insight into specific universities, from trained mentors studying at the colleges to which they are applying.


Work with our team to decide which of our services best complement your organization, to create the perfect guidance plan to help your students achieve their goals.

Virtual Platform

Our completely virtual service allows you and your students to work with our team wherever and whenever is convenient.

Be Different

Offer your students an innovative and unique solution to stay ahead of your competition.


Our Services

We understand that your organization may currently offer some of the services we have listed below, which is why we work together with every partner to create a customized guidance plan that best suits their needs. Our payment plan allows you to conveniently purchase blocks of mentoring hours for the services you want, when you want them, based on the needs of your students. All our mentors undergo a meticulously designed application and training process to ensure that only the best mentors work with your students. As college applicants, your students can take advantage of any of the services listed below.


Insight Services

Learn more about particular universities and mold their college list by speaking to undergraduates currently studying at those universities.

Receive guidance on how to properly fill out their college applications.

Speak with current undergraduates to gain invaluable insight into their universities when your students are making their final college decisions.

Leverage Near Peer Mentors' platform and our mentors to correctly complete their financial aid forms and/or scholarship applications.

Essay Services

Take advantage of their mentors' training and experience to collectively brainstorm potential essay topics.

Using an almost Socratic method, our Mentors are trained to ask the right kinds of questions, which will allow your students to produce college application essays that best encapsulate who they are and maintain their voice in the process.

By receiving guidance from mentors who are current undergraduates, they will be able to gain unparalleled insight into a particular university when crafting their “why this college” essay.


Organization and Planning Services

Clearly see all deadlines and meetings with their mentors on their calendar.

Track their overall progress using our progress bar to see just how close they are to finishing the process.

By choosing to work with a long term mentor, they choose to receive hands-on guidance to further enhance their college counseling experience and achieve their goals.

Additional Services

Receive guidance on independent academic projects geared towards deepening your students' knowledge of their intended field of study and submitting more holistic applications.

Leverage our partner dashboard to virtually manage your students and streamline your team's counseling responsibilities.


How It Works

Contact Us

Please contact us and a member of our team will promptly get in touch with you.


Work with our team to customize the perfect guidance plan to address the needs and goals of your students.

See Results

Watch your students gain an advantage during the college application process and be propelled past their peers.

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