Mentors are current undergraduate students who have a passion for helping the next generation of college students. As a mentor, you are paid to use your expertise and recent experiences to guide your mentees through the college application process.

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Mentor Roles


College Project

Help guide your mentees with independent academic projects related to your field of study.

College Specific

Help guide your mentees through your university’s specific application process. This guidance will include but is not limited to helping your mentees with their supplemental application, financial aid/scholarship process, as well as giving them valuable insight into your university’s academic programs, social environment, and other facets of student life.

Common App

Guide your mentees with their Common Application and Common Application Essay.


Conduct an initial brainstorming session with mentees from which they can create the foundation for their application essays.

Long Term

Help your mentees manage deadlines and create effective time management strategies. Additionally, you will be a resource to answer general questions your mentees may have about the college application process.


Additional Responsibilities

Training Process: You will be required to complete our training program before you can start working with mentees. This program is meant to couple your existing skill set with our knowledge of the college application process to ensure your success as a mentor.

Schedule Sessions: Use the NPM Platform to schedule mutually convenient sessions with your mentees.

Please note that current college undergraduates are encouraged to take on multiple mentor roles!

Why Become A Mentor?

Give Back

Help prospective college students from all over the world, by sharing your insight and experiences with them.


Our virtual platform allows you to work from from almost anywhere with a flexible time commitment.

Professional Growth

Leverage your current skill set and gain new experiences in a leadership position.

Make Money

Get paid to help someone be admitted to the college of their dreams.

What Our Past Mentors Are Saying

Mentor Spotlight

Here are a few of our mentors for the 2020 application cycle. Click on any one of these mentors to learn more about them and their college application process!

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Andrew, UIUC
Card image
Bianca, Georgia Tech
Card image
Diavionne, NYU
Card image
Grecia, USC
Card image
Kara, Columbia
Card image
Katherine, Michigan
Card image
Keertana, UCLA
Card image
Rebecca, UC Berkeley