Mentees are passionate high school students who are committed to furthering their academic journey through a college education. We understand how stressful and complex the college application process can be, but we also know the right guidance and mentorship can turn this process into an exciting step towards the next chapter of your life. Our team and mentors are committed to giving you the tools to successfully find and be admitted to the right college for you.

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How It Works


Pick Your Mentors

You decide who your are going to be at each university, as well as the capacity in which they will help you, based on various aspects of their mentor profiles. Check out some of our mentors for the 2020 application cycle here.

Your Long Term Mentor will guide you through the entirety of the college application process. This guidance will include but is not limited to helping you with your common application and common application essay (if applicable), coming up with time management strategies, staying on top of your deadlines, and answering questions or concerns you have about the college application process.
Your Mentors will help you through the various steps of the college application process, the intricacies of their university’s specific application, and any independent academic projects related to their field of study. This guidance will include but is not limited to helping you with your various application essays, supplemental applications, independent academic projects, financial aid/scholarship process, as well as giving you invaluable insight into their university’s academic programs, social environment, and other facets of student life.

Receive Guidance

Use the NPM platform to schedule mutually convenient sessions and receive personalized guidance from trained mentors over audio/video call. Our mentors are fully equipped to help you with every aspect of your college application process, starting from picking the right universities to helping you find a community at your future alma mater. Our mentors offer invaluable insight into their specific universities and majors, help you with organization and time management, assist you with your applications and essays, and guide you through independent academic projects.


Why Become A Mentee?

Near Peer Model

Personalized one on one guidance from trained Mentors who recently went through a very similar college application process.

First-Hand Insight

Receive first-hand insight from students currently studying at the universities to which you are applying.

Virtual Platform

Meet with your mentors online when and where is most convenient.


Leverage your mentors and our organizational features to stay ahead of deadlines and alleviate the stress of the process.

What Our Mentees And Their Parents Are Saying

Virtually every mentee we have worked with has been admitted to one of their top two choices on their college list! Here’s what they had to say about their experience: